When shopping with a selected merchant, we simply give you back a percentage of your spend once your purchase is confirmed.

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What are cashback websites and how do they work?

Cashback sites receive a commission from the merchant for directing you to their website. Most cashback sites give just a portion of this back to you, but as the most generous cashback site in the US, we give you up to 105% of what retailers pay us. The extra 1-5% comes from advertising revenue and other services we provide on our website, making us the highest paying cashback site in the US.

Why do retailers do this?

To clarify, it is ourselves who offer cashback, rather than the retailers (also known as merchants) on our site. The merchants usually join an affiliate network, which gives sites such as ourselves a way to earn revenue by advertising them. Essentially, we get paid to advertise a retailer if we can send a paying customer to their website.

Once the transaction has been confirmed; the merchant pays the affiliate network a portion of the sale, and they then pass a portion of that back to ourselves. What happens next is where you come in: by clicking through to the merchant from our website, we’ll add our commission to your account once we get paid.

This is very hands-off for the merchant, as they don’t take any part in issuing the cashback to you. We find that people who receive money back from their purchases usually browse more products and add more to their basket to benefit from the saving, which gives merchants an extra benefit that they won’t get from working with non-cashback sites.

How to save money online

When you shop online, simply sign in to your Owldeals account and click through to the store you want to shop. By doing this, you will earn cashback on every purchase you make – whether you are booking a holiday, flights or train tickets, buying your groceries, taking out car insurance or choosing gifts for Christmas. It really is one of the best ways to save money at home!

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