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Black Friday is the fourth Friday of the month November that marks the official beginning of Christmas shopping with all the major retailers opening stores early and hosting up promotional activities such as Black Friday Ads, Sale, Discounts & Offers. The day prior to the Black Friday is celebrated as the Thanksgiving Day in US and is given a holiday, the day after is celebrated as the Black Friday, also a holiday in many sectors in the name of Columbus Day sometimes, which with the normal weekend becomes a four day holiday. The combination of the holidays with the promotional activities carried out by the retailers on Black Friday makes the day the most busiest shopping day of the year. The use of the term Black Friday dates back to the year 1952 and has been considered as the beginning of Christmas Shopping, since then. While there has been many versions of stories behind the name “Black Friday”, the closest one is that, the term Black Friday was coined by the Police to describe the over crowding and the high traffic on the day after Thanksgiving Day for Christmas Shopping. To meet the competition many retailers start their promotional activities from midnight 12 of Black Friday. One of the major part of the promotions are the Black Friday Ads of all the retailers which at one point of time had started as a Christmas Parade, has now become an unofficial rule that all retailers would start their ads only after the Christmas Parade is Over. The early Christmas Parade, Major Retailers of the country open all night, heavy discounts and sale on every shop, exciting Black Friday Ads, Crowded roads and the holidays make the Black Friday an event definitely a celebrated one as close to the Christmas Day. Black Friday that had started from the United States Of America has now been able to expand its popularity beyond the borders as well and the growing popularity in several other countries like Canada, UK, Mexico, Romania, India, France, Panama, Norway, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, etc. When is black friday 2018? Black Friday 2018, is falling on the 23rd November which is the fourth friday of November. The Thanksgiving day of this year is falling on the 22nd November and the day following will be celebrated as the Black Friday, which starts the unofficial beginning of the Christmas Shopping. Though the Black Friday is falling on 23rd of November, but the increasing competition has only pushed it further towards the Thursday. Initially the crazy sale day filled with offers and discounts was only seen being hosted by the retailers during the day but slowly it started shifting to early morning then it moved further to midnight 12 and lately it was reported that few major retailers has even opened the stores from 5 pm on Thanksgiving day to pull in the crowd enjoying the 4 days holiday and waiting for the sale to start, to get an edge over the competitors. So, despite 23rd November being the official Black Friday for 2018, but the sale, offers, deals and discounts it is famous for might start as early as from evening or even noon 22nd November itself which is also the Thanksgiving Day in the US.