You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t like finding deals. As a member of the OwlDeals Community, you can keep use your deal-sleuthing skills to save your fellow Community members money, thus earning their unspoken respect, admiration and even an occasional “Thank You”. And your name may just end up on the Community Contributor leaderboard with all the braggin’ rights that come along with it!

What is reputation?

Owl.Deals lives not only on good deals, but especially of you as a helpful community. Therefore, we want to give you something back as well: As a registered user you can collect reputation ♥ , which reward you for your activity.

You can exchange the reputation in giftcards !

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My Reputation:


Exchange My Reputation in Amazon Gift Cards

Activity is rewarded

+20 for your registration (once)
+10 for setting a profile picture (once)
+10 for every published user deal (max 5x / day)
+50 in addition, when the user deal lands on the home page
+1 for every vote of your deals
+4 for each login (1x / day)
+5 for each comment (up to 5 comments / day)

You can get $1 reward for every Amazon purchase via Owl.Deals Reward Program

Redeem reputation in Amazon gift cards
Once you have the following number of reputation you can exchange these in your profile in Amazon gift cards:

1000  $5 Amazon gift card
1800  $10 Amazon gift card
3500 $20 Amazon gift card is not a sponsor of this promotion. Amazon gift cards are redeemable for the purchase of selected products on and certain partner websites.

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